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Six steps for a better birth

Written by: Valarie Welsh

1 – Prepare by getting education and support in your prenatal period. Our directory of birth professionals is here to help you find experts in your area to help you gain informational and physical support for a better and healthier birth for you and your baby.

2- Keep it rollin! Whether it’s belly dancing or yoga stretching, movement in pregnancy and labor is good for you! With shorter labors and fewer complications, having a practice in place for “when the time comes” can boost your confidence for birth.  We’ve got professionals to help you get started today!

3 – Support, support, support! Bringing someone you trust to be with you as you birth will help you birth better. Multiple studies have shown the clinical, repeatable, and reliable benefit having a doula can give to  your birth experience.

4- Birth your best with knowing your options and becoming a part or your own birth team! How? Childbirth education of course!  Did you know you don’t HAVE to go to the hospital as soon as your water breaks?  Families who take a childbirth education class have better births with fewer medical interventions.  It’s not just for people who want a “natural birth”, it’s for families who want to make informed choices for themselves and their children.

5- Don’t take it lying down!  Birthing people are strong! Birthing people know their babies! You know SOMETHING is special about giving birth or you wouldn’t be visiting our page. But did you know that normal physiologic birth is almost always done in an upright position? What is normal physiologic birth and why would you want one? Learn more here.

6 – Keep your baby with you! After all, you are preparing to HAVE a baby right? From beginning lactation, to initial postpartum and neonate reflexes, the importance of keeping mom and baby together these first hours and days can’t be stressed enough!  They can be stressful too- so we have professionals ready to help you through this amazing and important transition.

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