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By Dr. Alex Sweeney, DC

If you're pregnant and in San Antonio, we have several chiropractors in our community who have been specially trained to work with pregnant women both in the perinatal and postpartum periods, as well as their babies and children.

Chiropractors concern themselves with making sure the body is able to function at it highest by looking at the movement of individual joints, both in the spine as well as extremities. When a joint is able to function optimally, it allows for the proper biomechanics of that joint to occur. This is particularly important when it comes to pregnancy because low back and pelvic pain are fairly common during this season.

Why Should I See a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors will often help pregnant women with sciatica, low back pain, malpositioned babies (via the Webster Technique), carpal tunnel, and headaches. As a new mom, you will likely experience increased stiffness in the midback and neck, which chiropractors see daily as well.

Pregnant patients often seek out chiropractors when they have breech babies. If that is the case for you, make sure to find a provider who has been trained and certified in The Webster Technique. If you are in your postpartum period, chiropractors are useful  in helping to rehabilitate your core, improve breastfeeding outcomes, among other benefits.

There are many techniques chiropractors use in their practices, from very gentle adjustments to the ones you see on YouTube. If you've been thinking of adding a chiropractor to your birth team, they are a beneficial addition. Just be sure to find one that suits you and your core values.

In my practice I like to think that there is no one treatment that will work for every patient, but for every patient there is a treatment that will work for them.

If you are local to San Antonio and are currently pregnant and thinking about a chiropractor, I am happy to chat more with you about what your goals are for your pregnancy and labor to see if I am a good fit for you and if you'd like to reach out to me, you can find my information on my website.

You can also visit our directory for area chiropractors.

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