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January 18, 2020

They say that when the tide rises, so do all the boats. By working together to grow the birth community, we show consumers and care providers what a legitimate birth industry can do for families and birth outcomes. Little by little, our businesses, reach, and impact will grow and we all succeed.

By making a small investment and joining The San Antonio Birth Network, you will be listed as a provider on our directory and brochure. Through the San Antonio Birth Network, families will have access to a comprehensive directory- a one stop shop- to find the support and services they are seeking in the community.

What does membership include?

For a yearly investment of $100, a professional will be listed on the online directory and included in our brochure, which will be distributed widely throughout the community in public spaces and care provider offices. With an annual membership, professionals will get exclusive rates for sponsorship and vendor opportunities at SABN events. As a way to further each professionals reach, members will have a spotlight on the San Antonio Birth Network's blog, which will be optimized for better search results. For an additional fee of $25, a professional can have 1 additional blog post to highlight an upcoming event or class, or to give important information to expecting parents and families.

Become a member today!



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