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Aconchego Mom Coach

"Aconchego" in Portuguese means a safe place to be, like your home, your parents' house, or hugs from a person you love and trust. It is a place that you are received with love and you feel that you can be yourself.

I picked this name because I believe that moms who are struggling with motherhood need an environment where they can feel compassion and undertanding.

Being a mom is not an easy task and I am here to help, to guide you through this journey.

Are you feeling lost? Don't know where to start? Is your day-to-day life out of control? Are you extremely tired in your mothering days but not wanting to give up? Feeling sad, sensing it might be hormones but the sadness feels real? Guilty for not feeling fully attached to your baby right away? Or maybe you're embarrassed because you're not feeling as blissful as you should be feeling as a new mother.

I could be the right fit for you, to help in this moment of your life. I love to help mothers of young children with challenges that motherhood can present.

I would love to help you figure out who you are from now on. Finding the confidence that you are going in the right direction can take some time and effort. You are not alone. I am here to give you the “aconchego” to overcome this. We were not born as mothers, we became mothers. That is a process and every mom has your own time and/or speed. Any changes and new relationships in our lives take some time to adjust. I am here to help you align your boat's sail.

San Antonio, TX 78209, USA
Name: Claudia Stendahl
Phone: +1 505-559-3694
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