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Social Distancing: Creative Activities for the Greater Good

March 16, 2020

Written by Kristie Graybill

As we learn more information about COVID-19, we are discovering just how important it is to change our normal routine and try our best to practice social distancing by limiting our interaction with others. This is simply to avoid the spreading of the virus. If everyone works together to slow the spread, there could be fewer cases of sick people at any one time and healthcare providers would have the capacity to treat everyone. Although children tend to be low risk and will typically do “just fine” with the virus (not considering children that have compromised immune systems), it is believed that they CAN be carriers of COVID-19 without even knowing it. So how can we stay sane in this effort to socially distance ourselves for the greater good, and embark on solitude in this unprecedented time in our country?

  • Pitch a Tent: We are fortunate enough in San Antonio that the weather is now mild and enjoyable. Pitch a tent in the back yard and camp. Pack a picnic and snacks. Create a nature scavenger hunt for your tot to find certain items while trotting. Bring water toys and play with the hose. Water play is always a crowd pleaser!
  • Sensory Bins: Beans, Rice, Oats, Pasta. All these items have one thing in common. They make a great base for a fun sensory bin. Throw some magnetic letters and measuring cups in a bin and your tenacious three-year old is entertained for at least half an hour. #parentingwin.
  • Fly a Kite: Plan this activity on a day with some wind. Spend the morning creating your kite and the afternoon flying your creation.
  • Facetime your favorite people: As days become a little less busy, take advantage of the slow down with some virtual face to face with the people that you love most. Get creative with a virtual play date and throw in a round of “Simon Says” or a “freeze dance” party?!?!
  • Virtual Museum Tour: Get some learning in and take a virtual tour of your favorite museum. During this time, more museums are offering this option.
  • Book Challenge: Read something you have been wanting to read for a while now. Include your children and set aside a certain time of day when mom/toddlers/teens all read until the timer goes off. Discuss the book afterwards.
  • Bird Watching: Spend 30 minutes or so watching for new and different birds. Take notes of what they look like and then research them afterwards to learn about them.

Now is the time to get our creative juices flowing. Rather than dreading the days of not leaving the house, try your best to make memories for you all to look back on with delight. Also, feeling good about trying your best to limit the spread of COVID-19.


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